About Me

My Name

Keeping with the practice — popular among those working with language — of describing the pronunciation and meaning of my name, I’ve decided to do so here. My full name, LaRoyce Jermaine Covington, Jr., is pronounced:

/ lɑ: ˌrɔɪs dʒərˈmeɪn ˈkəvɪŋtən / ˈdʒuːnjə /

Please forgive my poor attempt at IPA.

Model United Nations

I have participated in Model United Nations since I was in high school, and most recently have served on the other side of the dais for the Florida High Schools Model United Nations and their associated conferences.


LaRoyce Covington Jr, wearing a fencing uniform. Pre-COVID, I was a member of the USF Judo Club. I had a fantastic time with the club and it went a long way toward getting me into shape. I even earned my rokkyū (yellow belt) about a month before the first COVID-induced lockdown! A group of members of the USF Judo Club.  LaRoyce Covington Jr is in the middle row, second from the left, wearing the traditional judogi tied with a yellow belt

Frustratingly, Judo opportunities at Syracuse aren’t really available. I’ve still found myself having a lovely time with the Syracuse University Fencing Club! I’ve tried fencing on and off in the past and I’ve come to really enjoy it.